Thank you all for making the 2017-2018 school year amazing! I was blessed to be able to teach such a wonderful group of caring students that always looked out for each other. Achieve 3000 and Ten Marks will still be available for students to use. Enjoy your summer!


Two more days

A reminder that there will be 5 Reader’s Theater performances on Thursday, beginning at 8:30 am in our classroom, 408. Friday students can wear their PJs to school.  Friday is our end of year celebration. Click this  to see what else is needed or to verify that your child told me correctly.  You are able to add or change your items for all to see.

Last Week

There are a lot of activities going on this last week of school. Reminder that Monday is a holiday for Memorial Day. On Wednesday students will be watching the variety show in the morning. In the afternoon there is the staff versus six grade kickball game. On Thursday I would like to invite you all to come see our last round of readers theater productions. There are five separate groups. They will begin at 8:30 in the morning in our classroom, room 408. Once the stage is set and performers are all ready, we will open the doors to let you in to watch. On Friday, June 1 we will host our end-of-the-year celebration. A parent has already volunteered to purchase pizza for the class. If you would like to bring other food, drinks, or snacks please be sure to bring enough for 32 people. We will be watching the movie, “Wonder” and comparing it to the book we read this school year. The movie is rated PG for thematic elements including bullying and some mild language. If you do not want your child to watch the movie please sign the reverse permission slip that is going home today and return it on Tuesday so we can make arrangements. If you child is going to be absent any day next week, please let me know so that their groups practice is not affected.

Two more

Students will have only two more nights of math homework. The last night of math homework will be Wednesday which is the review of our measurement module. We take the test Thursday. Tuesday students will take their last Benchmark test.

Students wrote persuasive essays on end of the year celebrations. We will have a snack away party on the last day of school, Friday June 1st.

Unit 8

Check your child’s backpack. I stapled unit 8 results to the actual book so you can see their work. We have VAPA on Friday morning. Be sure to return all Camarena library books.


PTA has been providing snacks each day for testing. Tomorrow’s snack is a tiny bag of fruit gummies that students were not interested in and Friday is a mint. Be sure your child brings a healthy snack or if you are interested in supplying a class set there are 31 students.


Students worked extremely hard today in Language Arts section of CAASPP. Tomorrow they take on math. Please make sure they are well rested and eat a good breakfast each day. We are doing a project with yarn so if you have some extra, please send it in.