Two more

Students will have only two more nights of math homework. The last night of math homework will be Wednesday which is the review of our measurement module. We take the test Thursday. Tuesday students will take their last Benchmark test.

Students wrote persuasive essays on end of the year celebrations. We will have a snack away party on the last day of school, Friday June 1st.


Unit 8

Check your child’s backpack. I stapled unit 8 results to the actual book so you can see their work. We have VAPA on Friday morning. Be sure to return all Camarena library books.


PTA has been providing snacks each day for testing. Tomorrow’s snack is a tiny bag of fruit gummies that students were not interested in and Friday is a mint. Be sure your child brings a healthy snack or if you are interested in supplying a class set there are 31 students.


Students worked extremely hard today in Language Arts section of CAASPP. Tomorrow they take on math. Please make sure they are well rested and eat a good breakfast each day. We are doing a project with yarn so if you have some extra, please send it in.

Cinco De Mayo

Thank you all for spoiling me this week with goodies. I am encouraging the class to dress festive tomorrow (May 4th) a day early for Cinco de Mayo. Students worked hard all week getting the last bit of new learning done before we test next week. If the class all turn in green flash fir the week, I said it would be their last one for the year as it’s purpose was to spiral review all the standards.


Students had a blast running today. Most finished their review in class for the math test tomorrow. Be sure to have them wear Camouflage clothing or Friday. I posted more photos in the the Photo tab above along with their lap results.